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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Me and the Girlz

This afternoon it was the girls turn to discuss their roles in the upcoming creative projects.  The new cousin has settled in quite well.  She loves this country and especially enjoys listening to the great mix of eighties new wave playing on the studio Pnadora station.  My cup of coffee, a nice Mexican organic, was quite delightful.

So, I told the cousins that it might be nice to have a name associated with each of them.  They didn't feel that was entirely necessary but, agreed it would make stories a bit easier to follow.  The boys aren't here at the moment so their input may be irrelevant on this topic.  The girls did say they wanted better wardrobes and I told them I would have to see what the budget would allow.  The snide little ladies said I could make them some amazing cloths if I had half a mind to do so.  Perhaps they could manage the extra time for me.

Well, as you can see things are rolling along here in Codyland.  Hope your weekend is going well.

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