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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Camera, Synchronicity, New Projects, Life

It's a bitter bitter cold day here in Codyland.  Lot's of thing peculating in the old noodle.  The past couple of days has seen an increase in the number of synchronicity type events happening. This always gets my attention as it usually means some things are about to make themselves known to me.  Fortunately I feel they are good things coming my way.

I recently decided to upgrade my take along camera from a little Nikon Coolpix, which is perfectly fine for basic stuff, to a more sophisticated point and shoot style.  I went with a Panasonic lUMIX dmc-f270.  Today since I was off from work, I thought it would be a good time to take it on a test drive.  So far, I really like the handling of this camera.  It isn't a pocket camera, but it allows me to save the big Nikon for studio work and this one for on the road inspiration.  It will be fun learning all the little bits and bobs this baby will do.

Up above is one of the first images I have taken with this new toy.  It was taken at my bathroom window and with one of the model cousins.  I call this one Lonely and Frustrated. The frustrated part is from my own feelings sometimes of not having enough time to do what I love.  But, it is all good.  The lonely part is contemplating ones place in the universe.  Sometimes the way I think believe and feel makes me feel so alone at times.  I know I am not truly alone.

On another note, I have been revamping my journaling lately.  Most of the time I just use it as a daily or almost daily diary of my life.  Something just seemed so empty about that.  I have been doing this for a few years and finally I realized that my best experience with the journal is when I incorporate visual imagery.  So, I started out by drawing mandala like images using this little spirograph like gizmo I got as a gift years ago.  I am calling these little drawings soul flowers.  It is a great kick starter for writing.

Well, that is about it.  I am contemplating entering yet another Manifest Gallery show with the deadline looming of tomorrow.  Yes, I know I need to get on with it.  Just need to decide which two images I will submit.  This is the year of big change for me and I am liking it so far.  I am juggling several projects in my head to do and I need to get them going before I explode.

Have a great rest of your week everyone.

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