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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow, Snow and more Snow

It's been a long and very cold winter here in Codyland.  Many years since I can remember this much snow and below freezing temps.  Most likely an effect from the warming of the earth.  I have taken the opportunity to try and capture some of the snowy places I visit with my camera.  The shot above was taken at a local cemetery and park called Spring Grove.  It is considered a national treasure.  There are many great things to photograph here.

The above image here is taken at Spring grove as well.  I decided to give this one a cyanotype like processing as it had a great deal of blue in it anyway.  I think it gives this image a rather other worldly feel.

Finally, we have an image of a small house or crypt.  I call this one "The Other White House".  It was a beautiful sunny day on this past Thursday when I took these shots.  Today however, more snow very windy and cold.  I am supposed to be at work at 11 am.  Not sure the buses are running on time today, so I may not make the 11 am start time.

On another note, I did manage to enter both of this months Manifest shows which fulfills part of my years goals artistically.  Now it is a matter of waiting patiently to see if I make it in either of them.  But, it isn't getting in to these shows that is of utmost importance to me.  It was to try and keep a goal.  I am loving the birth of this passion I have for photography.  It is like no other art form for me.The lens becomes an extension of my creative soul.  It feels almost like a prosthetic lens in a way.  Helping to augment what my natural lens can not do.  I think that is the most amazing thing ever.

I hope you all have a great Saturday.  I am going to try and plow my way to work.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.


Karen Mallory said...

Love these photos! Snow-wish we could get even some rain here in California.
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

I know I hear you all are in a drought. I hope it gets better soon.